Optimotion Camden provides the very highest standard of specialist Physiotherapy.

Pain whilst walking, running, driving, or carrying out everyday tasks due to muscular or skeletal injury can seriously impact on one’s quality of life.

Ignoring a problem and hoping it will resolve itself without specialist attention often leads to a worsening of the issue, and the body’s instinctive compensatory mechanisms can cause new problems elsewhere.

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

All physio work is carried out by Chartered Physiotherapists, holding membership of the CSP and HPC (Health Professions Council) – organisations which act for the profession and the public to make sure that your Physiotherapist is up to date with the latest clinical practice within the field and in related areas of medicine – we work closely with hospital consultants, GPs and Podiatrists.

Chartered physiotherapists have all carried out a rigourous degree course, and ours also have extensive experience in private practice.

Care and Treatment

Physiotherapy treatment normally involves the use of expert ‘hands-on’ manipulation and stretching by the practitioner - combined with more conservative stretching and loosening exercises which can be done at home; with progress monitored by your Physiotherapist.

When needed, ultrasound or electrotherapy (such as TENS) will be carried out at the clinic.


Optimotion Camden is exceptionally well equipped. As well as the equipment typically present in a Physiotherapy practice, specialist gym equipment to help with rapid rehabilitation for runners and sportsmen/women is also available.

Whether your aim is just to get back on your feet after an operation, break or sprain – or to get back into running, tennis or other sports – we have the equipment and expertise to suit you.

Staying fit

Once your course of routine physiotherapy has ended, or if you have been discharged from the NHS, we offer less frequent sessions for the purpose of ‘staying well’ – to help you avoid any further painful episodes.

As many have learnt the hard way – prevention is better than cure.

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Conditions we treat

Our physiotherapy service specialises in MSK (musculo-skeletal) problems. Including:

Back and neck pain

Trapped nerves (e.g. Sciatica)

Joint inflammation and pain (knee, elbow, shoulder)

Stroke/transient ischaemic attack

Rheumatoid- or Osteo- Arthititis

Muscle tenderness

Tennis elbow

RSI (Repetitive strain injury)

Posture and back problems associated with pregnancy

Parkinsons disease

Multiple Sclerosis

Stiff fingers, hands and wrists (particularly where medical treatment with cortisone or similar steroid therapy hasn’t helped)

We also offer post- operative care and post- natal care (Pelvic floor exercise, remedial massage)


An initial assessment costs £45. Follow-up sessions will cost less, the charge depending on the length of time required for each visit.


Patients with private medical insurance are normally able to claim back the cost of treatment from their insurer.

You, or your doctor, can phone or email us to discuss what treatment is appropriate and to book an initial assessment.

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