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Scope 1 and 2 environmental impact assessment Apr 2012 – Apr 2013 (CCCA 2013)

Ø Consumption of electricity

8,000 kwh/year on heating, cooling, lighting CNC milling and computers.

Ø Bio-mass/bio-fuels

Business travel BioDiesel 715 litres Manufacture – no biofuel. Total 715 litres

Ø Fuel consumption – boilers, furnaces etc

No boiler or furnace

Ø Embedded carbon in procurement

Identified as scope 3, not included in this audit

Ø Fuel consumption – in owned transport

45 litres of regular diesel or petrol

Ø Supply chain emissions

Identified as scope 3, not included in this audit

Ø Business travel

85% Own vehicle included above. 15% by public transport, (approx. 430 miles) Difficult to quantify actual energy use.

Ø Process emissions

EVA swarf from CNC milling and offcuts of yampi material/pigskin/leather and poron, handled as waste with a transport need. Skin offcuts passed to another business informally to reduce waste transport. Impact negligible.

Ø Staff commuting

As above

Ø Use of imported heat/steam


Ø Disposal of waste

Identified as scope 3, not included in this audit

Ø Fugitive emissions i.e. leakage of refrigerant

Some wasted heat in winter months. Intention to try and quantify in the future with a view to reduce in 2014.

Ø Disposal of water


This data will be passed to the CCCA for conversion and inclusion into the 2013 CCCA target.

Camden Climate Change Alliance

Istanbul protests

taken on my phone – from the protests this weekend

ASICS running shoes, pretty conservative motion control, good for orthotics

often runners want to replace the inner from their running shoe with a custom orthotic but its normally very difficult because of the trend towards extreme motion control and undersize profile design trends in running shoes.

ASICS (removable) memory foam in these Kinsei 4 shoes can be easily swapped with an EVA custom milled orthotic (providing it is the type which can be ground to fit the shoe exactly), and the close to actual shoe size and conservative motion control – being mostly on the underside and in the heel) not only makes the shoe more ‘compatible’ with an orthotic but actually works together in symbiosis… A softer EVA orthotic that takes you right up to the neutral position has a similar intention to the malleable memory foam they put in there to begin with, but without any compromise.

I found this page after encountering this shoe in my London clinic (on the feet of runners coming for orthotics), and having read the reviews on here and the US amazon, and watching the ASICS promotional flash demo I can see why this works so well. One of the only -ve reviews mentions that it is ‘too big’ for the shoe size.. this is because they have bucked the industry trend of undersizing, especially in the middle of the foot.

The alternative lacing arrangement looks like it will be particularly beneficial for ex. pronation in stance. Its a good innovation, and again works with an orthotic to keep your foot in position.

In future when patients say they prefer some motion control in the shoe PLUS an orthotic and they ask me to recommend a shoe, I’m going to recommend this one. In fact I’m going to suggest getting 2 or 3 now in case they change the design next season.

I’m not a runner but having come across this shoe on the feet of runners and having seen how well it can work with an orthotic I’m v impressed.

New Neighbour – Camden Art Square – Art Psychotherapy – Jewellery making

While you’re at Optimotion why not pop in to our new neighbour at 2a Murray Street, Camden Art Square – open Wed to Sat as an excellent showcase of local artist and gallery owner Sofia K’s work and selected works by other artists… and for prebooked sessions of Art Psychotherapy and Jewellery Making. See below:

Camden Art Square 2a Murray Street NW1 9RE

Camden Art Square 2a Murray Street NW1 9RE

Jewellery Making sessions:

Camden Art Square 2a Murray Street NW1 9RE

Camden Art Square 2a Murray Street NW1 9RE