Scope 1 and 2 environmental impact assessment Apr 2012 – Apr 2013 (CCCA 2013)

Ø Consumption of electricity

8,000 kwh/year on heating, cooling, lighting CNC milling and computers.

Ø Bio-mass/bio-fuels

Business travel BioDiesel 715 litres Manufacture – no biofuel. Total 715 litres

Ø Fuel consumption – boilers, furnaces etc

No boiler or furnace

Ø Embedded carbon in procurement

Identified as scope 3, not included in this audit

Ø Fuel consumption – in owned transport

45 litres of regular diesel or petrol

Ø Supply chain emissions

Identified as scope 3, not included in this audit

Ø Business travel

85% Own vehicle included above. 15% by public transport, (approx. 430 miles) Difficult to quantify actual energy use.

Ø Process emissions

EVA swarf from CNC milling and offcuts of yampi material/pigskin/leather and poron, handled as waste with a transport need. Skin offcuts passed to another business informally to reduce waste transport. Impact negligible.

Ø Staff commuting

As above

Ø Use of imported heat/steam


Ø Disposal of waste

Identified as scope 3, not included in this audit

Ø Fugitive emissions i.e. leakage of refrigerant

Some wasted heat in winter months. Intention to try and quantify in the future with a view to reduce in 2014.

Ø Disposal of water


This data will be passed to the CCCA for conversion and inclusion into the 2013 CCCA target.

Camden Climate Change Alliance

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