Bespoke Orthotics produced using the AMFIT CAD/CAM system - much faster than anywhere else, and at lower cost

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Aleem Najak MChS - Specialist Podiatrist

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consultation (biomechanical assessment) - £50

1st pair of bespoke orthotics - £185

further pairs of identical orthotics - £160

fitting and follow up appointments - no charge



These are some of the comments left by people on public sites after coming to the clinic:

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"Really good value orthotics" - Barry google

"Got me back on my feet in no time" - Andre google

".. can only highly recommend Optimotion in Camden. I've had a problem with my right foot for a number of years... diagnosed almost immediately... I have had the spring returned to my step" - Enrique qype

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Types of Orthotics

"Custom" orthotics are either Modular, or Bespoke.  Modular systems, such as TOG or other systems which use a foot scanning technique to diagnose and direct the practitioner to piece together a device from pre manufactured components are popular because of price - historically a completely bespoke pair has cost a few hundred pounds - this is because a lab can charge the practitioner nearly 250 pounds just to make the  orthotic from the physical cast. 

CAD/CAM technology achieves the same level of customisation, but without involving the lab... And so allows for completely bespoke orthotics for a price which is comparable to the inexact modular systems.


Bespoke Orthotics

The traditional method of preparing a bespoke orthotic is to take a cast of the foot in its neutral position, covering it in plaster of paris, which hardens over a few minutes until it can be teased off.  A positive mould of the cast is taken in a lab and then this is used to produce the rigid moulded orthotic.

The finished orthotic has the same contours as the foot in its neutral position, but clearly this process is very inefficient - taking days or weeks to complete because of the involvement of a specialist lab,  and leaving very little ability to alter or correct

Casting for orthotics using plaster of paris                          casting to make orthotics

Watch a youtube video in which renowned Podiatrist and Podiatric Surgeon Paul Gabriel Scullion demonstrates the plaster casting technique

As you can see from the comments to the youtube video, the laborious and expensive nature of casting has led some Podiatrists to use a foam impression system - where the foot is pushed into a box of maleable foam which is then posted to the lab.

There is a strong consensus among the best practitioners and researchers that this method, although much easier and faster than casting, is simply not able to capture the foot in a non weight bearing position - as the impression is made by pushing in to the foam..


At Optimotion Camden we use a system in which a bed of tiny plastic pegs move up, driven by compressed air and a digital record of the position of the pins is taken by the device - producing a 3D digital image of the plantar surface of the foot in its neutral non weight bearing position.

Using the AMFIT foot scanner
                - Orthotic is produced from the 3D foot contour data

A finished moulded pair of orthotics is produced from this digital model and is ready to be put into shoes the next day. The model is retained in our database, so an exact copy of the original orthotic can be made from the original scan at any time - and if you return for a check up we can scan the foot again and compare the 3D image with a previous scan to see if there have been any changes.

The AMFIT system is renowned in the US as the most effective foot shape modelling system available. There is a video available to watch on youtube showing how the system works.

Watch the promotional video AMFIT have produced on youtube

We have the latest version of the CAD/CAM system and the 'correct and confirm' software which allows us to model tiny changes to the orthotic on screen before milling the finished product from a choice of materials. This is to account for the nature of their use.. for example an individual who needs a pair of orthotics which can be used for tennis or running may require an EVA formulation with more air in the material.

AMFIT scanner correct and
                confirm Orthotics software - Optimotion Camden                          Grinding an
                orhotic, part of the fitting process

To ensure a pair of orthotics is exactly right for you, and your shoes, they often need one or more minor adjustments by the podiatrist in our on-site orthotics lab.  If you have existing orthotics that you think might just need adjustment, this can be done as well - phone for details.

Biomechanical assessment

Allow one hour for a full biomechanical assessment; and please wear either a skirt or trousers that can be rolled up past the knee, or bring shorts to change into. 

The entire process from assessing the gait, with the aid of digital stop frame photography when necessary, and scanning the contours of the foot to producing a final pair of orthotics that the client and podiatrist are both happy with will require at least three visits. 

Sometimes more than one return visit after fitting is needed, as the effect of any minor alterations only become apparent after walking or running a significant distance.

To book an appointment- please phone us, or leave your name and phone number on the form at the bottom of the 'Contact Us' page and the Podiatrist will call you back.

If noone is able to answer the phone, which often happens as this is a small clinic, and to keep costs down for you there is noone employed just to pick up the phone - please use the feedback form here - this is the easiest way to get in touch as your message will be sent to the Podiatrist's phone and you'll get a call or email as soon as possible.

Call the clinic to book an appointment on: 020 70606670

Talk to the Podiatrist directly on:  0844 802 6414

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